Public services +

The CY Cergy Paris University library is committed to improving the quality of its customer service by taking part in the Services Publics + scheme.

This is an international program designed to make the user experience a priority. You can find details of the 8 commitments here, and more informations on your public services here. Since the start of the 2024 school year, our teams have set up cross-functional working groups. For more information, please visit the official page.

The aim: to design actions to guarantee a quality welcome, whether in person or online, by telephone or by post, and to encourage supportive support.

Public servants commit to services :

  • + Relatives
  • + Simples
  • + Efficient

Our commitments :
  1. In a spirit of mutual respect, you'll be given a warm welcome and the right to make mistakes*
  2. You can easily get in touch with your public services.
  3. You benefit from support tailored to your personal situation.
  4. You request is processed within the announced.
  5. Clear, simple, accessible information.
  6. You have access to our service quality results.
  7. Your opinion is taken into account to improve our service.
  8. Working with you to limit our impact on the environment.