Research support service

Guided by the University's pursuit of research excellence and relevance, the  Library provides services to support researchers at each stage of the research lifecycle.
Ensuring access to the best possible academic sources, facilitating scholarly communication and promoting research output are particular focus areas.

We also strive to be your partner in academic excellence bu providing efficient service delivery by experienced Library Research Support team.This is why each laboratory has its special library referent.
The service works in close collaboration with the Research department.
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Thematic Guides

The Research Support Service offers several thematic guides to help researchers.

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Library training for students
(Master, Doctorate)

Scientific publication, evaluation of research / bibliometrics, Zotero, circuit and dissemination of the thesis, image rights and copyright in the thesis.

Doctoral students: registration via the doctoral studies site.

Other training can be organized on request.

Here is our full training program (4Mo)
Training program
Training program

Thesis circuit : from submission to dissemination

All French theses are posted on the national portal

The theses defended at the CY Cergy Paris University are available online in full text with the authorization of the author on the TEL portal.

For more information on submitting and reporting your thesis, see the order of 25 May 2016

Zoom on the CY Cergy Paris University HAL portal

The CY Cergy Paris University HAL portal embodies the inclusion of CY Cergy Paris University in this movement.

The service carries out awareness-raising and support actions for laboratories: on-site information meetings, Open access week, drafting of DMPs and data management, filing in HAL, unique author identification (ORCID). Read more