Library access and registration


Access to the library premises is free for members of the university community (students, staff) and teachers on presentation of proof, but requires paid registration for people outside of teaching.
  • Access to other library services requires registration.
  • For the Cerclades library, an access card will be issued to all registered users.
  • Specific conditions of access to the library of St Germain-en-Laye apply.
  • Rules and regulations


 CY Cergy Paris University students/staff and CY Alliance
For CY Cergy Paris University students and staff, your CY student/staff card provides you with free access to the CY Libraries and services.
You can activate it at the information desk of the library. Your card is required if you want to borrow the documents in any of the CY libraries and also to enter the Cerclades Library.
For CY Alliance students you can fill in your registration form  or you can come to the information desk of the library. At the end of the registration you will get your library card which will allow you free access to the Cerclades  library and access to the library services.( borrow, wifi, study spaces.).
Students and teachers from an institution other than CY Alliance
Registration is free but compulsory to enter the Cerclades library.
To get your access card, you need to fill in the registration form or you can come directly to the information desk of the library. Proof of schooling will be required.
If you want to use your card not just to access to the library but also to borrow the documentation or use other library services,( borrow, wifi, study spaces.) you need to pay 33€ of subscription fee . An ID card and a proof of address less than 3 months are required.Please note that even in this case, external users cannot access our digital resources.
People outside higher education
Library cards are issued to external users for a fee of 33€, valid for 1 year from the date of registration.
Registration is made at the reception desks of the library, on presentation of an identity document and proof of address of less than 3 months.
Registration allows you to borrow, use the wifi and access the work rooms (subject to availability).