Cerclades Library

The Cerclades university library is a pluridisciplinary library.

Opening hours

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Come to the Cerclades library

The Cerclades library is open to all students and staff of the University, as well as to students in another higher education establishement, and to external visitors with valid registered customer - charges. You must have your card with you to enter the library.

282 study places are accessible on all floors.

Spaces and collections

  • Ground floor: science, news, media, career and course orientation
  • Mezzanine : linguistics, art, literature
  • 1 st floor : legal sciences ( law and political sciences)
  • 2nd floor : human sciences ( philosophy, psychology, religion, social sciences, economics and commerce, accounting and management, geography, history).
  • 3rd floor : multimedia area : acces to group study rooms and to carrels, upon registration.
  • Stores: the documents there are available in indirect access, on request from a librarian.
  • The library also has topographic maps,DVDs and past exam papers ( languages, economics-management)

Short loan collection

  • 14 days short loan :  journals (except last issue), DVD, and some marked books.
  • On-site consultation : documents that can be borrowed one hour before the library closes, to be returned the next day before noon.
  • Excluded from loan : documents that cannot be borrowed

Affluence in the Library

Contact information

Bibliothèque universitaire des Cerclades
Place des Cerclades
95015 Cergy-Pontoise Cedex
01 34 25 63 59

By public transport : Gare de Cergy-Préfecture (RER A et Ligne L), bus arrêt "Cergy-Préfecture RER"


30 PCs freely accessible without access conditions :

  • 18 PCs freely accessible to all users in the different floors, without access conditions
  • 12 PCs (carrels) for individual work or for a maximum of 2 people on the 3rd floor, reserved to students and to users registered in the library. To use these carrels you will need to book a time slot using our Affluences tool or directly at the information desk on the 3rd floor.
2 copiers/printers

2  color and B&W copiers : ground floor and 3rd floor

7 workrooms (minimum 2 people)
with whiteboard (felt pen available on loan at the information desk)
To get access you will need to book a time slot using our Affluences tool or directly at the information desk.
  • 1 workroom on the 1st floor, 3 places available (minimum 2 people)
  • 1 workroom on the 2nd floor, 3 places available (minimum 2 people)
  • 5 workrooms on the 3rd floor. 2 rooms for 2 people, 2 rooms for 5 people, 1 room for 3 people (2 people minimum for all rooms).
Item loan service on site

Binding machine, multi-bit chargers, webcams, ... Learn more !