Digital Identifiers

What is a digital identifier ?

Ouvrir la Science describes it as “an opaque or explicit number or alphanumeric label which is machine or human readable. It uniquely and permanently identifies and retrieves an object, a document, person, place, organization, or any entity, in the real world and on the Internet.”

Associated to your works, it helps unequivocally connect you to your writings and research. 
More information on their website right here.

Please find below tutorials on how to create your own digital identifiers.


How to create your ORCID ?

Please find below a step by step tutorial on how to create your ORCID :

The university strongly encourages its searchers to acquire OrcID identifiers in order for them to get unequivocally authenticated.

How to create your IDHAL ?
What’s an IdHAL ?

The idHAL is a unique ID, managed on HAL. It allows a user to made himself authenticated, and known as an author on HAL.

Documents to help create your IDHAL