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Personalized assistance

You can contact a reference person at the library to request personalized support, schedule an appointment for a presentation of the premises and services, share your specific needs and problems in terms of access to documentation or the use of our spaces and services.

Please contact a reference person in your library:

For any request, contact us at the following address :

You can also send us your questions relating to your search for infromation or the use of our services bu chat (Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) or by email by filling out our  contact form .

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Exception handicap au droit d’auteur

By ministerial decree of June 24, 2021,  CY Cergy Paris Université is included on the list of establishments authorized to distribute adaptations of works for the needs of people with disabilities.
The exception to copyright for persons with disabilities, defined in articles L 122-5, L 122-5-1, L 122-5-2 and R 122-13 to R 122-22 of the French Intellectual Property Code, allows public libraries (territorial or academic) authorized to communicate and adapt works under law, for the benefit of their users who are prevented from reading because of a disorder or disability.

If you are a student or staff with a disability, you can request access to works that benefit from a digital adaptation.

In particular, you can benefit from access to the works available in the PLATON catalog of the Bn. If a work is not available in the PLATON catalogue, the disability referent of the library may ask approved organizations if they have an adapted version of the work sought.

Who can benefit from this service, and how ?

  • University students must first contact the reception service for disabled students, which will validate their right to the disability exception to copyright. Once the right has been validated and after signing a commitment charter, request can be sent to a disability referent of the library.
  • University staff send their requests to a disability referent of the library, after signing a declaration on honor, to be attached with the first request.

You agree to make strictly personal use of the adapted documents provided by the Library.

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Having difficulties to come to the Library ?

Your Library offer you many resources that can be accessed remotely.

The loan of documents is 10 books for 4 weeks. You can extend your loans for an additional 4 weeks, from your reader account or in case of difficulty, by contacting the library at

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