Inter-site loans (ISL)

Inter-site loans (ISL)

Need a document that is available in
one of our CY libraries ?


This service seeks to provide access to document available in one of our CY libraries but not available on your site. If you wish to borrow a book available in one of our CY libraries you can request the Inter-site loan by completing the printed form available at the information desk of the university library where you wish to collect the document. This request will be sent to one of our CY libraries which has the desired document.Once the request has been processed, you will be contacted and invited to pick it up.
Please check our library catalogue  before making a request.
Please note that Inter-site loans service (ISL) is for making a request in CY librarires and Inter-library loans (ILL) service is for other French university libraries.


Need a document that you cannot find in the CY libraries ?

Borrow from another French university library
with Inter-library loans (ILL)
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For any information on the loan of journals, inquire at the reception of your library.
Journals are excluded from Inter-library loan service.