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Published on March 11, 2024 Updated on April 7, 2024

JoVE Education and Research

JoVE online platform is evolving ! Journal of Visualized Experiments is a peer-reviewed scientific journal listed in PubMed/Medline, which publishes videos of experimental protocols. This resource enables the techniques and protocols used in the life sciences to be transmitted and shared.

It is open to everyone:

  • For students, JoVE Education: a video library dedicated to teaching fundamental scientific principles through simple, easy-to-understand video demonstrations; for example, a presentation of basic laboratory safety and techniques, use of the most common equipment, presentation of basic concepts, etc. JoVE Education covers a wide range of scientific disciplines: biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, environmental sciences - earth sciences, medicine, clinical skills, engineering sciences and psychology.
  • For teachers: the interface lets you integrate the videos into Moodle and create assessment MCQs. The LTI (LearningTools Interoperability) software enables you to integrate links to the videos into your bibliographies and courses. This tool is useful for students to search for JoVE videos directly from their Moodle online course space. Consult the guide here.
  • For researchers, JoVE Research: experimental protocols filmed and presented by laboratories around the world. Each video is accompanied by a transcription of all the protocol and material used, and a bibliography. JoVE Research is a video library designed to provide researchers with support in the form of video demonstrations of experiments, techniques and reference protocols in a wide range of scientific and medical disciplines (biochemistry, biology, genetics, environment, medicine, neurosciences, engineering, immunology and infectiology, oncology, etc.).
JoVE video presentation :

The university subscribes to the following JoVE collections:
  • JoVE Encyclopaedia of Experiments : Video encyclopaedia of advanced research experiments.
  • JoVE Science Education : A library of videos illustrating research methods, the application of concepts and real-world examples.
  • JoVE Lab Manual : Curriculum-based video resources for commonly taught introductory labs, with step-by-step instructions.
  • JoVE Core : Video manuals that bring introductory concepts and methods to life.
You have access to JoVE and other databases on our portal   : or search for JoVE in the A to Z list of databases.