Photocopy, print and scan

How do I photocopy, scan or print ?


Step 1 / Send your document to the printing plateforme :
  • Sign in with your ENT account which is also used to login to CY library online resources and WiFi : ENT MonUCP.
  • All registered staff and students of the University of CY automatically have their ENT login, but it should be activated.
  • External users must create an account on the portal "Cap'Visiteur" (accessible only from PCs in university libraries).

Step 2 / Choose the file to import it
  • The file name must not include spaces, accents, or special characters. You cannot print from a web page.
  • You can set in adavanced preferences ("Avancé") : number of copies desired, pages to print, double sided printing.
  • To validate your print request you must click on the button ("Imprimantes"),choose a color or black and white printer.

File formats you can print
- Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, PDF, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF, BMP, TXT
- Documents A4 ou A3
Other formats are not accepted.
Please note that a print sent to a color printer can only be printed to a color printer.
Please check if your library has a printer in colour.
Step 3 / Please go and log onto the computer near to copier/printer
("Poste de déblocage")
  • Use your ENT username/password and all print jobs sent to your account will be waiting for you. Print jobs are purged after 72 hours.
  • Select the document (s) you want to print then click on "print the document" (bottom right).
  • Insert your print card into the reader when the message appears, then click "Confirm printing". Log off and collect your copies from the copier's tray.
Who do I contact to ask questions or report problems ?
It is best to contact a member of library staff in the first instance but you can also fill in a question form :

Photocopy a document

  • Place the document to be copied on the copier glass.
  • Insert your photocopy card into the gray reader located on the copier.
  • Press "Copy" on the copier screen, choose your copy options and press the green button to start printing.

Scan to USB

You can scan a document to a USB stick, only. This service is free.

  • Insert your USB stick into the port on the left of the copier screen.
  • Place the document to be scanned on the copier glass.
  • Press "Scan" then "USB", choose your scan options and press the green button to start the scan.

Bind a document

This service is available in the St Martin library and it is free.

Where I can print ?

Cerclades Library
- 2 B&W copiers (1st and 2nd floor)
- 2 color copiers (ground floor and 3rd floor)
Chênes Library
- 1 B&W print/copier
- 1 color print/copier
Neuville Library and Saint-Martin Library
- 1 color print/copier
Libraries of Cergy-Hirsch, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Antony and Gennevilliers
- 1 B&W print/copier

There is no a copier at Argenteuil and Sarcelles libraries.


How much does it cost ?

For printing in A4 format
€ 0.07 for a B&W print
€ 0.18 for a color print
1 A3 print = 2 A4 prints
1 double-sided printing = 2 prints

Print / copy card€ 0.70 upon purchase.
Card valid for 1 year, non-renewable.
Cards are available for purchase from libraries:

  •      Cerclades,Chênes, Saint-Martin and Neuville (payment by credit card and currency)
  •      Cergy-Hirsch, Saint-Germain, Antony and Gennevilliers (payment in currency only).

It is not possible to use the student card for your printing and photocopying at the BU.