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Published on May 22, 2023 Updated on May 27, 2024

Leaving the university ? In need of a quitus ?

In order to transfer universities, you might need a quitus to complete your registration form.

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This document certifies that you are leaving CY Cergy Université in good standing with the library.

To obtain a quitus you will need to make sure that : 
  • You are not borrowing any documents at the moment, 
  • You didn't loose any documents, 
  • You don't have any late fees 
To get the quitus, you can ask any CY librarian at their reception desk, do not forget your student ID. 
You can also ask for it online using the contact form right here. In the subject, please select "Obtenir un quitus" (obtain a quitus), and fill in your First and Last name, and your student number. 
You will receive your document within 24 working hours.  

Please be aware that once we delivered you your quitus, your BU account will be closed and that you won't be able to borrow documents again. You will still be able to come to the library. 

Best wishes on your next studies !