Sudoc Inter-library loans (PEB)

Need a document that you cannot find in the CY libraries ?

The Sudoc Inter-library service is available to all members of CY University, as well as to non-University members. This service seeks to provide access to documents not avaliable at the CY Libraries from an other french university library. The CY Libraries also supply their own documents to other libraries and institutions.
You can find a book in any university library by consulting the SUDOC ( the catalogue of all french university libraries ).
Please check  Summon CY Libraries' catalogue, before making a request.
You can make a request at the library's information desks, or online via the request form.

The average time to obtain a document is one week.
The library that provides the document decides on the duration of the loan and the conditions for consultation: consultation in our premises or the possibility of borrowing the document. Parisian libraries do not lend their documents to libraries in Ile de France.
The document must be collected from the lending library mentioned during the request.

Prices :
For a book, the loan is free or costs 7€ depending on the conditions for exchanging documents between libraries.
For a photocopy of an article or book:

     4 € up to 10 photocopied pages
     6 € per 50 photocopied pages
You have a question ?


If the document is available in one of our CY libraries, you can request a CY Inter-site loan at the reception desk of the library where you wish to collect the document.
Do not request Sudoc Inter-library loan in this case.
For any questions, contact your library.